Cheech Marin Returns to NuWu Cannabis Marketplace

LAS VEGAS – April 11, 2019


Still Smokin 50 years later, Cheech Marin, hero amongst stoners, knows where to find the best selection when visiting the Las Vegas. Cheech paid a visit to his friends over at Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace, located near the Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas.

NuWu offers the widest variety of products from cannabis companies throughout the State of Nevada. This collection includes Marin’s very own “Cheech’s Private Stash” whose motto is “It will always be good.” 

Ready to show the world a thing or two about cannabis, stoner icon Cheech came into the legal weed market in early 2018, debuting in his native California before arriving in Nevada. Cheech’s Private Stash brings quality-curated-marijuana grown in Nevada to the Sin City market provided in the way of flower and pre-rolled joints in a variety of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains.


The longtime advocate personally selects strains and works with master growers to offer a range of Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids with diverse genetics and terp profiles.

Local marijuana connoisseurs lined up to meet the Infamous Stoner inside the world’s largest dispensary, where Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace was getting ready for the biggest 420 Party in Las Vegas being held the following Saturday.  

Cheech mingled, took photos, and signed autographs with his fans. Before heading out, he made one last stop through NuWu’s 24 Hour Drive-Thru (the only dispensary drive-thru in Nevada) to pick up some last minute goodies. 

View the Event Highlights Here: