Ask our Budtenders Anything!

Have you ever tried THC? Are you curious about CBD? It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a marijuana veteran, there is nothing like a visit to one of NuWu’s 2 locations to get the answers to all of your questions.  


NuWu’s budtenders have the knowledge and take pride in informing guests on the ins & outs of weed consumption. NuWu seeks out the best of the best in customer service and provides the greatest training in the valley.

If you have no previous knowledge on marijuana products our staff will be sure to educate you on all of the items available. NuWu carries the largest variety with over 1200 products. Our staff will be sure to find you the perfect remedy that you are looking for.

 What is the difference between Medical and Recreational Cannabis?

Both medical and recreational marijuana are produced under the same high standards in the state of Nevada. They are both tested under the same strict regiments that the state requires. If you are under a lot of pain, then a larger the dose may be the best treatment for you. If you are seeking relief for isolated body pain, topicals and edibles work great at battling these types of chronic issues. If depression and anxiety is something you struggle with, vape pens work instantly and can be administered as quick as indicators occur.  


What are other methods of consumption?

There are many different ways to consume both THC & CBD. Flower can be found in a range of THC percentages and can be smoked through a variety of pipes or papers. Edibles and tinctures can be ingested, topicals can be applied directly to the skin, and concentrates and vape pens can be inhaled.

 What is the most discreet way to consume cannabis?

At NuWu we get it, discretion is important. If you don’t want anyone to detect that you are consuming weed, we suggest sticking to concentrates, vape pens, or edibles.  

Ask away, the budtenders at NuWu are the most educated in Las Vegas and are ready to answer any questions that one may have! Stop in today!