Mother's Day 2019 at NuWu!


Long gone are the days of hiding your weed from your Mom- we hope! If you haven’t, maybe you should really consider coming out of the cannabis closet, you might be pleasantly surprised.


Toke up with Mom this Mothers Day 2019!  Show her how not-so-scary weed really is. In no time, Mom will join the millions of stoners everywhere saying “WHAT ELSE HAVE THEY BEEN LYING TO US ABOUT?”  

However, not all moms are so ready to join the cannabis cause yet, totally understandable. After all, it’s still a drug in the eyes of the MAN, or in this case, woMAN!

Nonetheless, moms works really hard from birthing us, to raising us, moms deserve some relief for their pain, stress and/or anxiety.

*and so enters CBD*  There’s been a lot of mention of CBD as cannabis legalization continues to roll across America. So what is CBD you ask?


I’ll keep it short and simple: it is a compound found in Cannabis with tons of medicinal properties without the high.

Enough studies have shown it not only helps fight cancer, it has proven to reduce seizures in patients with epilepsy. It helps with depression and anxiety, helps cure chronic pain and reduces pain from menstrual cramps. CBD relieves nausea and combats inflammation & is available in many different forms.

Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace offers CBD in topical solutions; tincture form, which is best taken orally and under the tongue; CBD comes in various edible forms, some of which can also have a side of FUN (varying ratios of CBD with THC).

Let’s make new memories this MOTHERS DAY! Show Mom the Love!


To all the stoner kids out there, may your moms love you, accept you, and respect your choices!